About our company

Wood processing tradition is deeply rooted in Lithuania.

The individual enterprise “Sartūra” is one of the wood-processing enterprises, established in 1994. Its main activities include planning of alder and other deciduous and coniferous wood as well as the export of a wide range of products. We plane well-dried wood with carefully attended planning tools Weinig. The enterprise employs experienced craftsmen and the owner of the enterprise himself.

Raw materials are purchased in Lithuania and Belarus. The enterprise has a reliable quality control system of raw materials. We produce Scandinavian profile of inside claddings and deck boards of standardized profiles for sauna as well as decorative outside and inside claddings for homes. We also plane heat-treated wood. Our products are accompanied by all sauna accessories needed for final finish in accordance with customer’s preferences.

Our long-term partners from Finland highly appreciate our work. We export products to Russia, Kazakhstan. We execute sales in Lithuania through local distributors, chains and specialized stores of sauna equipment.